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Summer Reading 2012

Scroll down for photos of activities ...

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July 18, 2012, Stage Combat Workshop
with Shake on the Lake actors Josh Rice and Austin Blunk

2012_07_18_010--AustinBlunkANDJoshRice.jpg (66024 bytes) 
Austin and Josh

2012_07_18_006--TheSlapInSlowMotion.jpg (66039 bytes)

  2012_07_18_005--StageCombat--Noise.jpg (64581 bytes)

2012_07_18_009--JoshDemonstrates.jpg (55508 bytes)    2012_07_18_008--Feet-in-position.jpg (66108 bytes)

Dream Big READ!
Sand Painting on July 17, 2012

2012_07_17_001--GroupOverall.jpg (66210 bytes) 

2012_07_17_004--CornerTable.jpg (65878 bytes)  2012_07_17_006--GirlsAtBackTable.jpg (66403 bytes)

2012_07_17_003--SunglassesOnHead.jpg (34528 bytes)      2012_07_17_007--FlowersAndButterfly.jpg (65409 bytes)      2012_07_17_009--fish.jpg (66432 bytes)

2012_07_17_012--BoysInGreenChairs.jpg (65287 bytes)   2012_07_17_011--JanetAndChildren.jpg (65735 bytes)

     2012_07_17_014--TableNearStage.jpg (59828 bytes)         2012_07_17_008--Octopus.jpg (63519 bytes)

2012_07_17_005--GirlANDFLowers.jpg (61736 bytes)     2012_07_17_013--GroupOverall.jpg (66453 bytes)

Participants could fill in a reading log online once again this year.
Summer Reader 2012

Thank you to our Summer Reading

RotaryWheel--B&W.jpg (294912 bytes)  Perry Rotary

Friends of Perry Public Library

SummerReadingLogo2012--b&w.jpg (36628 bytes)

This program is supported in part by Federal Library Services and Technology Act funds,
awarded to the New York State Library by the Federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

"Race to the Moon" show with puppeteer Melanie Zimmer
Photos taken Tuesday, June 26, 2012

2012_06_26_034--MelanieZimmerAndMoon.jpg (65447 bytes)

2012_06_26_001--SummerReadingPosters.jpg (64901 bytes)

2012_06_26_021--RocketTakesOff.jpg (60899 bytes)

2012_06_26_016--Roquefort&Grizzle.jpg (63591 bytes)      2012_06_26_015--Audience--FromSide.jpg (66005 bytes)

2012_06_26_019--GirlsWatchFromSide.jpg (65269 bytes)   2012_06_26_030--bird.jpg (65582 bytes)

2012_06_26_026--CatUpClose.jpg (64864 bytes)  2012_06_26_028--CatUpClose#2.jpg (66294 bytes)

2012_06_26_010--moon.jpg (60499 bytes)     2012_06_26_033--GreetingTheBear.jpg (66478 bytes)

2012_06_26_031--TalkingWithPuppeteer.jpg (65344 bytes)
For more about Puppeteer Melanie Zimmer, go to her Dancing Bear website.

Also happening during Summer 2012 ...

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Stories Under the Tree

2012 Summer Recreation Program
Perry Village Park

Presented by
Youth Services Librarian
Janet Rossman

2011_07_14_003--CabinAtSummerRec--BookshelfIsInside.jpg (65351 bytes)  

Janet--DreamBigReadShirt2012.jpg (35110 bytes)
Mrs. Rossman

       Many groups of children enjoyed the Book Shelf inside the cabin and Mrs. Rossman's
"Stories Under the Three" program sessions!

This program is made possible by an award from the Wyoming Foundation, Inc.
On Wednesday, July 11, 2012, Wyoming Foundation Council member Sally Bliss
attended the Perry Public Library's Board meeting and presented the Foundation's check in support of our "Stories Under the Tree" 2012 program.

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