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Click here for a detailed program to print.

Booked for the Evening Fall 2014 Event Photos
Perry Public Library's 100th Anniversary Series
Please scroll down to see photos of all four programs. The most recent photos are first.

After a 2-week break, Perry Public Library's 100th Anniversary series
continued with the final program on
Monday, November 17, 2014, 7:00 p.m.
100 Years of Books: An Entertaining Journey
Presented by Ann Burlingham

2014_11_17_001--AudienceGathers.jpg (109313 bytes)   AnnBurlingham--WithBooks--color.JPG (95439 bytes)

2014_11_17_003--MoreAudienceGathers.jpg (99410 bytes)

2014_11_17_005--AnnStartsTalk.jpg (90532 bytes)  2014_11_17_006--AudienceListens.jpg (82153 bytes)

2014_11_17_007--Chatterbox.jpg (28091 bytes)    2014_11_17_009--TheCatInTheHat.jpg (21059 bytes)    2014_11_17_010--GoodnightMoon.jpg (40500 bytes) 

2014_11_17_015--UpcomingTitle.jpg (49038 bytes)   2014_11_17_038--TheAmericanWayOfDeath.jpg (52308 bytes)  2014_11_17_037--SomeBooksDiscussed.jpg (82006 bytes)

2014_11_17_039--MoreBooksDiscussed.jpg (91283 bytes)  2014_11_17_031--EvenMoreBooks.jpg (109638 bytes) 
So many books ... so little time

2014_11_17_033--AnotherFavorite.jpg (19098 bytes)  2014_11_17_035--BookDedicatedToAnnBurlingham.jpg (23784 bytes)  2014_11_17_036--Rebecca'sWar.jpg (284744 bytes)

2014_11_17_041--DiscussinContinuesBeyondProgram.jpg (112203 bytes)  2014_11_17_017--LaurenMoore--RoyGriswold.jpg (83236 bytes)

2014_11_17_042--TheGreatWarByJoeSacco.jpg (91665 bytes)  2014_11_17_020--DaveB--DaveS--Margo.jpg (93293 bytes)

      2014_11_17_026--DaveB-DaveS--LookAtBook.jpg (96981 bytes)

2014_11_17_043--TheGreatWar--sample.jpg (119766 bytes)

2014_11_17_018--EricAndAnn.jpg (81383 bytes)  2014_11_17_019--JackieAndFelisa.jpg (73708 bytes)  2014_11_17_021--Meghan--Dodie--Bev.jpg (69315 bytes)

2014_11_17_022--Lauren--Peggy--Jason.jpg (62412 bytes)   2014_11_17_023--FamilyPhoto--Henry-Ann-Jason.jpg (74052 bytes)

2014_11_17_016--TexasSheetcakeBrownies.jpg (372808 bytes)  2014_11_17_008--RefreshmentsAndTaleAd.jpg (91367 bytes)   2014_11_17_030--Amy--Kavin--Paul.jpg (120927 bytes)

2014_11_17_028--Tessa-Alyssa--with1913FramedPhoto.jpg (110136 bytes)  2014_11_17_029--Tessa-Alyssa-Terry.jpg (97909 bytes)

2014_11_17_047--Lauren--Margo--Kavin--Janet--Jason.jpg (106763 bytes)   2014_11_17_048--HenryReads.jpg (58819 bytes)  2014_11_17_045--ThinkLibrary1971.jpg (43139 bytes)

  Selfie at Ann Burlingham's program--Taken by Ann 2014-11-17.jpg (95990 bytes)
Here's one more photo thanks to Ann and her phone!

RESOURCES:   Click here for a list of resources provided by Ann at her program.

   Thank you to Ann Burlingham for her terrific program.  We enjoyed hearing her comments and also staying around after the program for more discussion.
There is always something to talk about when books are involved!

Monday, October 27, 2014
Discover Perry & Silver Lake: 200 Years of Historic Architecture
Presented by Cynthia Howk, Architectural Research Coordinator,
Landmark Society of Western New York, Inc.

  2014_10_27_031--Cynthia--Audience--Projector--Screen.jpg (77199 bytes)  2014_10_27_030--CynthiaAtPodium.jpg (53998 bytes)

2014_10_27_036--WithYarringtonBook.jpg (65412 bytes)    2014_10_27_037--AudienceNearBack.jpg (85681 bytes)

2014_10_27_032--AudienceFromSide.jpg (87704 bytes)  2014_10_27_033--BeforeSlidesStart.jpg (85344 bytes) 

2014_10_27_040--RocheBuilding.jpg (60833 bytes)  2014_10_27_041--HouseOnCovington.jpg (36115 bytes)  2014_10_27_043--BrickPresbyterianChurch.jpg (69705 bytes)  2014_10_27_044--PerryPublicLibrary.jpg (74314 bytes)
Above and below: Just a few of the many slides

2014_10_27_042--HouseOnBuckland.jpg (92145 bytes)   2014_10_27_045--M&TBank.jpg (52153 bytes)   2014_10_27_046--EpworthHall--EarlyDesign.jpg (67340 bytes)

 2014_10_28_001--FromCynthiaHowk.jpg (102071 bytes)   2014_10_27_048--Audience.jpg (124756 bytes) 

2014_10_27_026--Refreshments.jpg (75416 bytes)  2014_10_27_027--Flowers.jpg (84405 bytes)

2014_10_27_057--Karen--Dave.jpg (77220 bytes)   2014_10_27_058--Janice--Eleanor.jpg (108734 bytes) 

    2014_10_27_051--GroupInFrontOfFireplace.jpg (74727 bytes)   2014_10_27_050--Eric--Hazel.jpg (90026 bytes)

2014_10_27_059--Doug--Kimmie.jpg (83467 bytes)  2014_10_27_060--Margo--Ann--Cynthia.jpg (87673 bytes)

2014_10_27_028--Cynthia--Rick.jpg (99744 bytes)  2014_10_27_029--CynthiaTalksWithRick.jpg (85312 bytes)

2014_10_27_052--Dodie--Bev.jpg (102028 bytes)   2014_10_27_025--Ann--Henry.jpg (84850 bytes)

2014_10_27_024--Henry--Wireless.jpg (68258 bytes)   2014_10_27_055--Dodie--Peggy.jpg (79282 bytes)

This program was supported by special donations given in honor of the library's 100 anniversary.

  Monday, October 20, 2014
The Remarkable Life & Career of Lemuel Maynard Wiles
Presented by Geoffrey K. Fleming, Director, Southold Historical Society

2014_10_20_026--GeoffAtPodium.jpg (53540 bytes)     2014_10_20_021--PeggyIntroducesGeoff.jpg (45605 bytes)  2014_10_20_003--GeoffPriorToProgram--WithBook.jpg (160029 bytes)

   2014_10_20_014--ChattingBeforeProgram.jpg (38107 bytes)   2014_10_20_016--BeforeProgram.jpg (72415 bytes)
Before the program begins ...

  2014_10_20_002--GeoffPriorToProgram.jpg (73070 bytes)  2014_10_20_017--BackRowBeneathPaintings.jpg (66017 bytes) 

2014_10_20_023--GeoffRefersToBook.jpg (56237 bytes)  2014_10_20_029--GeoffAndArtSchoolPhoto.jpg (65109 bytes)

2014_10_20_028--Audience.jpg (96130 bytes)  2014_10_20_027--AudienceListens.jpg (67716 bytes)

2014_10_20_032--AudiencePassesAroundPaintingPhoto.jpg (78685 bytes)

2014_10_20_005--GeoffExaminesBackOfAttendeePainting.jpg (100362 bytes)  2014_10_20_033--GeoffTalksToAttendeesAfter.jpg (81927 bytes)

2014_10_20_008--Doug-Nancy.jpg (40944 bytes)   2014_10_20_038--FriendsHelpers.jpg (119858 bytes)   

  2014_10_20_010--Felisa-Barb-Dave.jpg (81511 bytes)  2014_10_20_035--ChattingAfter.jpg (98215 bytes)

2014_10_20_004--SignDisplay.jpg (92729 bytes)    2014_10_20_036--CiderPitcherAndMugs.jpg (64784 bytes)  2014_10_20_009--PreparingTable.jpg (72694 bytes)
We give a special thank you to Gallery Curator Emeritus Herb Hawley for sponsoring tonight's program.

Monday, October 13, 2014
Perry Public Library: The First Hundred Years
Presented by Peggy Parker, Library Director

BookedForTheEvening--Oct-13-2014--page1.jpg (200608 bytes)

BookedForTheEvening--Oct-13-2014--page2.jpg (165883 bytes)   

Booked for the Evening
Fall 2014

Many people helped us celebrate
Perry Public Library's
100th Anniversary!
Programs by Peggy Parker, Geoffrey Fleming,
Cynthia Howk, and Ann Burlingham.

Click here for a detailed program to print.

Booked--ManLeaningAgainstBooks.JPG (9166 bytes)

BookedForTheEvening2014--ad.jpg (103622 bytes)

Booked for the Evening was sponsored by
Friends of Perry Public Library.

Click here for a detailed program to print.

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