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Fall 2010 Booked for the Evening

ALL PROGRAMS in this series were held in Art Gallery on the Main Floor

Fall2010BookedForTheEvening--ad.JPG (75756 bytes)

Click here for a more detailed program to print.

See below for Booked for the Evening photos, including the
Tale 2011 Special Announcement Party (Scroll farther down) 

ManRestingOnBooks.jpg (8843 bytes)

Monday, November 15, 2010, 7:00 p.m.
Lemuel Maynard Wiles: A Record of His Works, 1864-1904
Book and Program by Geoffrey K. Fleming

2010_11_15_015--GeoffMakesAPoint.jpg (80612 bytes)

LemuelMaynardWiles-A RecordOfHisWorks1864-1904.jpg (16534 bytes)

Click here for the 11-11-2010 Daily News online article
about Geoffrey Fleming's upcoming appearance here.
Click here for a previous Daily News online
article about this book.

2010_11_15_003--TitleSlide.jpg (36100 bytes)     2010_11_15_006--AudienceLaughs.jpg (44214 bytes)

2010_11_15_014--Betty-Herb-Geoff-Doug-Vicki.jpg (26304 bytes)

2010_11_15_008--Audience.jpg (38592 bytes)

2010_11_15_010--WilesStudio--Peconic.jpg (33246 bytes)  2010_11_15_007--SeriousMoment.jpg (36277 bytes)

2010_11_15_002--Herb&Geoff.jpg (56410 bytes)   2010_11_15_019--Ruth&Doug.jpg (51051 bytes)   2010_11_15_001--Geoff&Peggy.jpg (48013 bytes)

2010_11_15_017--GeoffWithFord&AudreyEberstein.jpg (46488 bytes)  2010_11_15_018--DiscussingFormerStowellHouse.jpg (53194 bytes)
... discussing the former Stowell house

2010_11_15_020--SaleOfBooks.jpg (42551 bytes)   2010_11_15_026--SignsMoreBooks.jpg (95370 bytes)   2010_11_15_021--GeoffreySignsEd'sBook.jpg (61665 bytes) 

    2010_11_15_024--CuratorsDoug&HerbWithGeoffrey.jpg (50450 bytes)
Gallery Curator Doug McDanel, Curator Emeritus Herb Hawley, Author Geoffrey Fleming

2010_11_15_022--EnjoyingRefreshments&Visiting.jpg (36968 bytes)

   2010_11_15_028--Barb--Felisa--Ruth.jpg (44974 bytes)     2010_11_15_023--Henry.jpg (53145 bytes)  

2010_11_15_005--SparklingCider&Cookies.jpg (54363 bytes)
Sparkling cider and cookies for refreshments!

Thank you to all who
helped make our
Fall 2010
Booked for the Evening
series a success!

Monday, November 1, 2010, 7:00 p.m.
A National Treasure--From LeRoy to the U.S. Capitol:
Henry Clay in the U.S. Senate, painting by Phineas Staunton
Program by Lynne Belluscio

        2010_11_01_004--LynneGivesFinePoint.jpg (100601 bytes)      
Lynne Belluscio

2010_11_01_003--IntroductionByAnn.jpg (18512 bytes)
Introduction by Ann Burlingham

HenryClay--Painting--hung-In-Capitol.jpg (3347 bytes)

2010_11_01_005--LynneGivesBackground.jpg (30895 bytes) 

2010_11_01_007--DVDStory.jpg (31253 bytes)
The story on DVD ...
NOTE:  If you missed our program and
would like to see the above story online,
click here:  

2010_11_01_010--LynneAndAudience.jpg (61610 bytes)

2010_11_01_011--SomeOfAudience.jpg (57678 bytes)      2010_11_01_002--Refreshments.jpg (34542 bytes)     2010_11_01_001--LauraANDFelisa.jpg (32223 bytes)

Monday, October 25, 2010, 7:00 p.m.
Around Perry, by Christina B. Nolan

2010_10_25_002--ChrisAtProgramEnd.jpg (36925 bytes)

AroundPerry--resized.JPG (12830 bytes)

2010_10_25_001--Betty--Chris-BeforeProgram.jpg (17633 bytes)    2010_10_25_003--AnnSellsBooks.jpg (32140 bytes)

2010_10_25_007--AttendeesChat.jpg (47868 bytes)  2010_10_25_005--Betty-Chris-Ruth-Kathy.jpg (38234 bytes)

  2010_10_25_008--Ruth-Kathy.jpg (41591 bytes)  2010_10_25_009--John-Barb-Felisa-Laura.jpg (40361 bytes) 2010_10_25_006--Refreshments.jpg (16727 bytes)

HenryPageANDClarkRice--1972photo[resized].jpg (62462 bytes)
Henry Page and Clark Rice in 1972 photo taken by Betty Rice
Their local history research, photos, and other materials made this book possible.


Tale for Three Counties 2011
Announcement Party!

HillaryJordan.bmp (63798 bytes)
Author Hillary Jordan

Mudbound--pbCover.JPG (6678 bytes)

Here it is!
The Tale for Three Counties author and book for 2011:
Mudbound, by Hillary Jordan
Scroll DOWN to see photos of the Announcement Party

Tale2011AnnouncementParty2010-10-18.bmp (512610 bytes)

Free and open to the public

Monday, October 18, 2010, 7:00 p.m.,
here at Perry Public Library!

This was the kick-off event for Perry Public Library's
Fall 2010 Booked for the Evening series.
Scroll UP to see entire series.
Scroll DOWN to see photos of the Announcement Party

      2010_10_18_005--Tale2011BookRevealed.jpg (43588 bytes)

2010_10_18 004--PeggyIntroducesProgram.jpg (19806 bytes)       2010_10_18 006--Summary.jpg (35911 bytes) 

2010_10_18 012--DonnaSanfordWinsTheBook.jpg (22404 bytes)
  Donna wins drawing for book!

2010_10_18 031--Eleanor&Ruth.jpg (44555 bytes)

2010_10_18 013--AttendeesChat [wide].jpg (41601 bytes)

2010_10_18 014--Barb&OthersChat.jpg (43372 bytes)

2010_10_18 030--WyomingCountyGroupWithPoster.jpg (38010 bytes)

Wyoming County public library staff members (above from left):
Janet Rossman, Youth Services Librarian, and Peggy Parker, Library Director, Perry Public Library; Linda Lavery, Eagle Free Library in Bliss; Sue Reding, Arcade Free Library; Angel Wright-Sackett, Gainesville Public Library in Silver Springs, with son Liam.

2010_10_18 018--Mary&Jo.jpg (32928 bytes)  2010_10_18 019--Janet&EricTalkWithBetty.jpg (30724 bytes)

    2010_10_18 022--Chris-Meghan-Betty.jpg (44872 bytes)

2010_10_18 033--Duncan-Lillian-Janet-Ann.jpg (40759 bytes) 

2010_10_18 027--Refreshments&Decorations.jpg (62615 bytes)

2010_10_18 025--AcrossTheTable.jpg (30495 bytes)   2010_10_18 010--AnnPoursCoffee.jpg (29963 bytes)

2010_10_18 009--JanetSellsBooks.jpg (52325 bytes)  2010_10_18 021--Linda-Sue-Angel-Liam.jpg (51788 bytes)

TaleLogo.jpg (7439 bytes)


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