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Fall 2008
Booked for the Evening

at 7:00 PM
September 22 to
October 20

Books & authors ...
Food ...
Bike trip ...

ManRestingOnBooks.jpg (8843 bytes)

Sponsored by Friends of Perry Public Library


Sept. 22
7:00 PM

Exploring Letchworth State Park ...
A Journey Through Time
Program and slide show by
Tom Cook and Tom Breslin,
two of the authors of the recently published book
Letchworth State Park (Images of America series)
and the authors of the website

Thank you to Tom Cook & Tom Breslin
for a terrific program!

Booked 9-22-2008 photos.TIF (622778 bytes)

TomCook.tif (660862 bytes)
Tom Cook
TomBreslin.tif (416096 bytes)
Tom Breslin
Letchworth State Park cover.jpg (46523 bytes)

Sept. 29
7:00 PM


Travel Mysteries Can Be Murder
Program by Charles Benoit,
author of Relative Danger, Out of Order, Noble Lies

Benoit--RelativeDanger.jpg (21536 bytes)

Benoit--OutOfOrder.jpg (13039 bytes)

Benoit--Noble-Lies.jpg (8189 bytes)

CharlesB20LargeThumbnail--cropped.tif (151418 bytes)

Thank you to author Charles Benoit.
We were mesmerized by your storytelling skills!

for more information about this author.

benoit-charles9-29-08speaks.tif (710312 bytes)

benoit-charles9-29-08speaks2.tif (746606 bytes)

benoit-charles9-29-08shirt.tif (989642 bytes)

benoit-charles&rose&books9-29-08.tif (1805650 bytes)

benoit-charles9-29-08audience.tif (475440 bytes)

Oct. 6
7:00 PM


chefs--inverted colors.TIF (17224 bytes)

Flavors from the Old Countries:
Spanish, Italian, and Polish Delicacies

Flag--Spain.jpg (1949 bytes)

Flag--Italy.GIF (2146 bytes)

Flag--Poland.TIF (1982 bytes)

Thank you! The food was
delicious, and your stories
were delightful.

Program and food by
Felisa Brea McKay,
Rose Andolina,
and Janet Bonarski

2008_10_06 022.jpg (982559 bytes)
Rose Andolina,
Felisa Brea McKay,
Janet Bonarski

2008_10_06 016--cropped.jpg (237981 bytes)

2008_10_06 021--cropped.jpg (84472 bytes)

2008_10_06 020--cropped.jpg (177875 bytes)

2008_10_06 005--cropped.jpg (558698 bytes)

2008_10_06 011--cropped.jpg (617690 bytes)

2008_10_06 009--cropped.jpg (855338 bytes)

2008_10_06 008--cropped.jpg (425530 bytes)

2008_10_06 015--cropped.jpg (485873 bytes)

2008_10_06 018--cropped.jpg (516080 bytes)

2008_10_06 002--cropped.jpg (622341 bytes)

We heard about, tasted, and savored the goodies of three European countries.

Felisa Brea McKay, long time member of Friends of Perry Public Library, teaches Spanish at SUNY Geneseo. Born and raised in Galicia, Spain, she introduced us to her way of cooking.

Rose Andolina was born to and raised in an Italian family in Perry and has been cooking Italian delicacies for years. She is well known in the community for her culinary skills.

Janet Bonarski, a Perry resident from a Polish family in Buffalo, has carried on her mother's tradition of cooking Polish food. She recently did a program on Polish culture and enjoys polka dancing.

Oct. 13

Holiday - No Program

2008_10_20 Jane talks.jpg (9509 bytes)

Oct. 20
7:00 PM


Cross Country Bike Trip
Program by
Jane Emborsky

2008_10_20 Ann introduces Jane.jpg (19000 bytes)
Jane Emborsky is introduced by Friend of
the Library Ann Burlingham.

With Jane's real-time video
of the bike journey, we felt like
we were on the trip along with her.

Thank you!

wpe5.jpg (5746 bytes)

USA-small.jpg (3707 bytes)

BikeTrip.TIF (142228 bytes)

2008_10_20 Group at talk.jpg (32188 bytes)

2008_10_20 Group enjoys talk.jpg (37717 bytes)

2008_10_20 Group laughs.jpg (11984 bytes)

2008_10_20 Refreshments.jpg (69243 bytes)

Jane and husband Gene Emborsky took part
in a cross country challenge in 2007 and
bicycled through 13 states with 24 other riders over 52 days!

Jane Emborsky is recently retired from the
United States Postal Service and, as we will see,
now keeps busy with other activities
Many area residents know her from her work at the Perry Post Office and, prior to retirement, as Postmaster
of the Silver Lake Post Office.

Perry Public Library
70 N. Main Street
Perry, NY • 585-237-2243


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