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Book Sale 2014
We made $1,114 on the one day sale.
Thank you to all those who helped.*
Please scroll down for a few photos and names.

BookSale2014.JPG (31724 bytes)

The night before the book sale ...   We are ready.2014_07_24_001--Thursday-evening.jpg (65976 bytes)

Book Sale day is here!
2014_07_25_001--cropped.jpg (66002 bytes)

2014_07_25_003--cropped.jpg (65863 bytes)

31 wonderful volunteers* worked 50 different shifts!
*Work shifts included Thursday night book and table carrying and tent set-up; Friday morning book carrying and arranging,  working at the pay table, clean-up; and Friday evening delivering of remainders to Goodwill.   Thank you to all!  Here are the names:

Barb Glenn, John Glenn, Felisa McKay, Stan McKay, Laura Eberstein, Rich Eberstain, Neal Eberstien,  Merle Webster, Sharon Webster, Peggy Parker, Eric Parker, Roy Griswold, Kavin Rossman, Janet Rossman, Ann Burlingham,
Jo Vineyard, Chris Nolan, JoAnne Brocklehurst, Judy Thewke, Bev Pedlow, Sally Hughes, Vera Parmiter, Ruth Parker, and the entire cast and crew of Shake on the Lake--Josh Rice, Matt Duncan, Jordy Neill, Mark Hansen, Kelsie Craig, Courtney Bennett, Sharon Combs, Margaret Gayford.
(See photo below).

A special thank you goes to Book Sale Co-Chairs Barb Glenn, Felisa McKay and Laura Eberstein for hours and hours of sorting prior to the sale in addition to thier work on Book Sale eve and day itself.   Thank you to Friends of Perry Public Library President Ann Burlingham for pricing the collectibles and for her work the day of the sale.

The annual book sale is sponsored by
Friends of Perry Public Library.

ShakeOnTheLake--CastHelpsBookSaleWorkers.JPG (134321 bytes)
The Shake on the Lake cast and crew were a big help carrying boxes and helping set up for our Book Sale.  Here they share a lighter moment at the Book Sale with Friends of Perry Public Library workers!  Thank you to founder and artistic director Josh Rice for this photo.  We highly recommend this unique theater festival.  Click on Shake on the Lake for details.


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