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Perry Public Library's "Ground Penetrating Radar"  Project
May 19-21, 2014

2014_05_19_012--ProgramStarts.jpg (64194 bytes)  Associate Professor Dr. Michael "Bodhi" Rogers of the Department of Physics at Ithaca College, gives an enlightening presentation to our library audience on
Monday, May 19, 2014, at 7:00 PM.

2014_05_19_011--BoardPresDaveBojanowskiIntroducesProfRogers.jpg (65198 bytes)
Library Board President
Dave Bojanowski (above)

introduces Dr. Rogers (below)

2014_05_19_008--BodhiRogers.jpg (32849 bytes)

2014_05_19_018--Bodhi.jpg (58892 bytes) 

This library presentation is
held the evening before the professor and his team of four Ithaca College undergraduate students begin their work on the library property.

2014_05_19_001--TeamPrepares.jpg (62118 bytes)

Dr. Rogers specializes in Archaeogeophysics,
which is
the topic of his talk.

2014_05_19_009--SlideOfOverview.jpg (66332 bytes)
Above:  The slide shown here gives an overview of the methods
used by Dr. Rogers in his work.
Below:  The library audience listens attentively to the explanations and also
asks questions about the work.  Eighteen people attended.
Several methods will be used on the library property. 

2014_05_19_015--Audience.jpg (63881 bytes)   2014_05_19_013--Audience.jpg (66049 bytes) 

2014_05_19_014--AudienceCropped.jpg (58377 bytes)     2014_05_19_016--Audience.jpg (66115 bytes) 

Click here for the program poster and backgound explanation.

Preparation work on Monday, May 19, 2014:

2014_05_19_004--Evan.jpg (14833 bytes)  2014_05_19_001--TeamPrepares.jpg (9918 bytes)  2014_05_19_003--cropped.jpg (64723 bytes)

Performing archaeogeophysical survey tasks on library property
Tuesday, May 20, 2014:

  2014_05_20_002--cropped.jpg (64748 bytes)   2014_05_20_001--cropped.jpg (65514 bytes)

   2014_05_20_004--cropped.jpg (66552 bytes)  2014_05_20_005--EvanANDBodhiDiscussPlan.jpg (66510 bytes)

2014_05_20_006--CorinneAndColleenMarkGridLines.jpg (65975 bytes)  2014_05_20_007--cropped.jpg (66419 bytes)

2014_05_20_010--cropped.jpg (66232 bytes)    2014_05_20_013--cropped.jpg (65122 bytes)

  2014_05_20_018--SidewalkLeadingToLibrary.jpg (64839 bytes)   2014_05_20_019--MoreOfSidewalkArea.jpg (62675 bytes)

2014_05_20_015--GregsChecksSettings.jpg (65837 bytes)  2014_05_20_020--WorkingWithTheEquipment.jpg (66487 bytes)

The team was able to complete the work on Tuesday, May 20, 2014,
just as a mild rainfall began.  The library will receive a report in the upcoming weeks.

Thank you once again to Dr. Michael "Bodhi" Rogers and his Ithaca College students
for performing this important study of our library property.

2014_05_19_005--Greg-Colleen-Corinne.jpg (64127 bytes)  2014_05_20_008--cropped.jpg (66217 bytes)
Above, from left:  Greg, Colleen, Corinne, Evan, Dr. Rogers

Click here for the program poster and backgound explanation.


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