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The Stowell-Wiles Art Gallery
with the
Perry Public Library
held an Open House
Noon to 8:00 p.m.
Tuesday, May 13, 2014,
to honor the remembrance of
Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stowell

2014_05_13_002--GalleryLeftWallAndFlowers--SideView.jpg (66049 bytes)   2014_05_13_001--EntranceToGallery.jpg (65696 bytes)

2014_05_13_003--StowellCupAndBooksByCharlesStowell.jpg (66115 bytes)

2014_05_13 _004--Bible--GiftFromStowell.jpg (61038 bytes)  2014_05_13_005--LemuelAndRachelWiles--photos.jpg (66158 bytes)

2014_05_13_006--Various--StowellLettersAndGenealogyBooks.jpg (63679 bytes)

2014_05_13_007--BouquetOfCarnationsAndBaby'sBreath.jpg (65627 bytes)

2014_05_13_009--StowellFamilyPhotos.jpg (63657 bytes)   2014_05_13_010--TulipsAndDecorFromStowellEria.jpg (66251 bytes)

2014_05_13_018--StowellFamilyProtrait--enlarged.jpg (64469 bytes)

2014_05_13_011--LargePortrait--Charles.H.Stowell.jpg (66156 bytes)

2014_05_13_012--LindaHylandAndRayPierson--ExhibitPreparers.jpg (65975 bytes)
Exhibit organizers Linda Hyland and Ray Pierson

2014_05_13_016--PerryHerald--ForntPage--June-12-1935.jpg (64748 bytes)

2014_05_13_015--PhotosOfGalleryOpeningJune13-1935.jpg (64587 bytes)

This was a beautiful exhibit, a nice tribute to the
generosity of Dr. and Mrs. Charles H. Stowell, and a good chance for attendees to share

information discovered during many hours of research.


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