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Book Sale 2013

Thank you to all thosewho helped make the annual book sale a success.

49 wonderful volunteers*
worked 75 different shifts!

We made $1322
on the one day sale.

Please scroll down
for photos and names.


The annual book sale is sponsored by Friends of Perry Public Library.

Book Sale 2013 poster graphic.JPG (64034 bytes)

2013_07_25_001--SettingUpTentsOnThursday.jpg (64636 bytes)  2013_07_25_002--SecuringTent.jpg (65576 bytes)  2013_07_25_006--RepairingTable.jpg (64081 bytes)
        Photos above and below: Thursday evening preparation 

2013_07_25_011--MovingBooks.jpg (64989 bytes)   2013_07_25_012--LastMinuteSorting.jpg (64475 bytes)   2013_07_25_007--MovingBoxes.jpg (44864 bytes)

2013_07_25_008--ThursdayNightHelp.jpg (61734 bytes)

Photos below:  Friday morning preparation

2013_07_26_001--BookSalePrep.jpg (65741 bytes)  2013_07_26_002--BookSalePrep.jpg (65127 bytes)
Help from many--including Shake on the Lake cast (above right)

2013_07_26_005--BookSalePrep.jpg (66352 bytes)  2013_07_26_006--BookSalePrep.jpg (66163 bytes)  2013_07_26_004--BookSalePrep.jpg (64349 bytes)

2013_07_26_007--BookSalePrep.jpg (66503 bytes)  2013_07_26_003--BookSalePrep.jpg (65494 bytes)

And then the Book Sale itself ...

2013_07_26_009--BookSale.jpg (65407 bytes)

  2013_07_26_019--PayHere.jpg (66091 bytes)

2013_07_26_012--FictionTable.jpg (64976 bytes)  2013_07_26_013--Stroller.jpg (65988 bytes)

2013_07_26_011--GeekBannerAtBookSale.jpg (63685 bytes)   2013_07_26_010--GeekBoardAtBookSale.jpg (66302 bytes)  2013_07_26_017--WhatDoYouGeek--sticker.jpg (65359 bytes)
The Geek the Library banner and board make an appearance at the Book Sale.

 2013_07_26_014--BookSaleSign.jpg (66047 bytes)     2013_07_26_021--WritingOnTheBoard.jpg (64625 bytes) 

2013_07_26_020--Afternoon.jpg (65260 bytes)  2013_07_26_016--GirlsOnSteps.jpg (64441 bytes)

2013_07_26_022--BookSaleOverview.jpg (66440 bytes)

*Work shifts included Thursday night book and table carrying and tent set-up; Friday morning book carrying and arranging,  working at the pay table, clean-up; and Saturday morning delivering ot remainders to Goodwill.   Thank you to all!  Here are the names:

Felisa Mckay, Laura Eberstein, Barb Glenn, Susan Rohauer, Josh Rice, Katie Campbell, Chad Bradford, Kelsie Craig, Courtney Bennett, Rose McEwen, Lilia Briggs, Bethany Zerbe, Mary Hourihan, Sue Hengelsberg, Ray Hengelsberg,   Eleanor Jacobs, Dave Shearing, Peggy Parker, Sarah Hare, Noah Hare, Ann Burlingham, Matthew Clark, Stan McKay, Monica Herman, Dave Bojanowski,  Rich Eberstein, Neal Eberstein, Merle Webster, Ben Zerbe, Jeremy Zerbe, Brian Cox, Kris Cox, Greg Cox. Eliza Cox, Brian Parker, Kathy Parker, Haley Parker, Abby Parker, Eric Parker, Cindy Parker, Margo Hartley, Jo Vineyard, JoAnne Brocklehurst, Vera Parmiter, Ruth Parker, Judy Thewke, Siegfried Thewke, Mark Eberstein, Mary Sceusa.

A special thank you goes to Book Sale Co-Chairs Felisa McKay and Laura Eberstein for hours nad hours of sorting prior to the sale and to Friends President Barb Glenn for the many hours of support that she adds.
Thank you to Ann Burlingham for pricing the collectibles.

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