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Story Walk
Saturday, June 15, 2013
Anytime 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM
Scroll down for photos.

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DiaryOfAWorm--cover.jpg (30637 bytes)

Click on the cover at left to
take you to Diary of a Worm in the
library's OWWL Catalog.

2013_06_15E_012--Farmers'MarketSign.jpg (65215 bytes)    2013_06_15E_001--StartAtRAPbooth.jpg (66192 bytes) 
It started at the Farmers' Market and the RAP booth ...

2013_06_15E_006--DiaryOfAWorm--PageInStoreWindow.jpg (66083 bytes)
Here are some of the pages that were read on the Story Walk ...

2013_06_15E_008--PageInStoreWindow.jpg (65557 bytes)

2013_06_15E_007--PageInStoreWindow.jpg (66560 bytes)

2013_06_15E_014--ArriveAtLibrary.jpg (65860 bytes)
The destination for the story walkers ... Perry Public Library

2013_06_15E_015--FinalPageBeforeEnteringLibrary.jpg (66272 bytes)
Here's the final page to read of Diary of a Worm before entering the library ...

2013_06_15P_002--CraftAtLibrary.jpg (66222 bytes)  2013_06_15P_003--RefreshmentsAtLibrary.jpg (64946 bytes)
... and going to the Children's Room for a craft, some refreshments,
or library materials!

2013_06_15P_004--MoreRefreshmentsAtLibrary.jpg (66107 bytes)  2013_06_15P_001--UsingTheAweComputer.jpg (63689 bytes)

2013_06_15P_005--BookwormBookmark.jpg (65532 bytes)  2013_06_15P_006--LookForBooksANdGetSummerReadingInformation.jpg (65083 bytes)

2013_06_15P_007--WormFarmAndWormBooks.jpg (66287 bytes)
Youth Services Librarian Janet Rossman shows
a worm farm and worm books.

2013_06_15P_008--There'sAWorm.jpg (66029 bytes)
There's a worm!

48 people took part in Story Walk!

Thank You
... to all the businesses that helped by letting us use
their windows to display the story pages!

ReadAroundPerryLogo.jpg (10866 bytes) 

Story Walk is part of Read Around Perry (RAP)'s
Cool Happenings  for a Hot Summer series of activities.
Click here for a poster
of RAP's three cool happenings for June, July, August

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