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Tale for Three Counties 2013 Author Visit
Talk and Book Signing!

2013_03_09_012--PeterTroySmilesAtTable.JPG (565638 bytes)

PeterTroy.jpg (4445 bytes)  MayTheRoadRiseUpToMeetYou.JPG (21988 bytes)

81 people attended this wonderful talk and book signing!
Saturday, March 9, 2013, 2:00 PM, at

Perry Elementary/Middle School Auditorium
50 Olin Avenue, Perry, New York

(Click here for map and directions.)
Hosted by Perry Public Library
and the other public libraries in Wyoming County

  2013-03-09LeslieInHallBeforeProgram.jpg (1370502 bytes)  2013-03-09TaleCommitteeGreeters012.jpg (1233788 bytes)

2013_03_09_004AuthorAtPodium.jpg (480378 bytes)  2013_03_09EAuthorLooksToSide.jpg (42076 bytes)

2013_03_09_008WideViewOfAudienceFromSide.jpg (573948 bytes)

    2013_03_09_006--AtPdodium.JPG (173542 bytes)    2013_03_09_009--QuestionFromAudience.JPG (1858132 bytes)

2013_03_09_060PostersOnWall.jpg (600059 bytes)     2013_03_09_017--SigningPlusLine-up.JPG (1317990 bytes)

2013_03_09_015--ACWC--DirectorJackie.JPG (1705137 bytes)    2013_03_09_029--PeterChatsWithAttendees.jpg (489525 bytes)

2013_03_09_018--ThreeWithBook.JPG (1539250 bytes)  2013_03_09_021--ABookClub.JPG (1692870 bytes)

2013_03_09_023--LineLaughsAtSomething.JPG (1643603 bytes)  2013_03_09_027--AnnDiscussesBook.JPG (2079129 bytes)

2013-03-09AuthorMomCarolTroyOnRight.jpg (1657649 bytes)   2013-03-09TalkingAboutNewspaperArticle.jpg (1449439 bytes)

2013-03-09AuthorWithWyomingCountyGroup.jpg (1419740 bytes)
Author Peter Troy (front) with public library personnel (event hosts) from Wyoming County
Back from left:  Nancy Burns, Director of Stevens Memorial Community Library, Attica; Linda Lavery, Director of Eagle Free Library, Bliss; Janet Rossman, Youth Sevices Librarian, and Peggy Parker, Director, both of Perry Public Library.

2013_03_09_034--IrelandTShirt.JPG (1467638 bytes)  2013_03_09_049--SideViewOfSigning.JPG (1692927 bytes)

2013_03_09_036--AttendeesDisussProgram.JPG (1475450 bytes)

2013_03_09_038--BenInterviewsNancy.JPG (1275115 bytes)  2013_03_09_037--BenChatsWithNancy.jpg (588928 bytes)

  2013_03_09_040--AtBookSigningTable.JPG (1045638 bytes)  2013_03_09_035--AuthorSharesLaughWithAttendees.jpg (561923 bytes)

2013_03_09_046--GroupSharesWithAuthor.JPG (2157708 bytes)  2013_03_09_047--AtBookSaleTable.JPG (1729635 bytes)

2013_03_09_053--BenTalksWithSmallGroup.JPG (2164087 bytes)  2013_03_09_045--BookSigningNearlyFinished.jpg (530930 bytes)

2013_03_09_054--AudienceLingers.JPG (1654111 bytes)  2013_03_09_014--MenDiscussProgram.JPG (815263 bytes)

2013-03-09AuthorInHallWithAttendees.jpg (1760429 bytes)     2013-03-09AuthorWithYellowjacketLogo.jpg (579540 bytes)


2013_03_09_002--PeterAndBenBefore.JPG (1104585 bytes)   2013_03_09_061--PeterAndBenAfter.JPG (1126893 bytes)
Ben Beagle interviews author Peter Troy both before (above left) and
after (above right) the talk and book signing.

TaleLogo.jpg (7439 bytes)
Click on logo above for Tale for Three Counties website.

The author's Wyoming County visit is made possible by the NYS Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature.

LOGO-ACWC.jpg (81819 bytes)    LOGO-nysca.jpg (90389 bytes)

2013-03-07TaleCommitteeInBataviaIwthPeterTroy.jpg (1492749 bytes)
Members of the Tale for Three Counties Committee on
Thursday, March 7, 2013, at the Richmond Memorial Library in Batavia after author Peter Troy's talk on the first day of his three-county Tale visit


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