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A Day in the Life of a Library

Thank you for being part of our day. Please scroll down for photos.
Perry Public Library
Thursday, February 21, 2013
Thank you to all who dropped in and became part of your library's story.
Perry Public Library, along with libraries across New York State,
took one day to show it is essential to its community.
86 people took part in the fourth annual SnapShotNY Day by visiting on our chosen day,
Thursday, February 21, 2013, during regular library hours, 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM.

2013_02_21_003--front--BlusteryDay.jpg (66068 bytes)
It started out as a blustery day ...

2013_02_21_005--CalmInsideBeforeOpening.jpg (65482 bytes)
... but it was calm inside just before opening time.

2013_02_21_013--CheckOutBooks.jpg (65553 bytes)

2013_02_21_014--GetNameTag.jpg (65275 bytes)   2013_02_21_015--StoryHourThisWay.jpg (66215 bytes)

2013_02_21_016--EnjoyingTheLibrary.jpg (65575 bytes)  2013_02_21_017--ProjectReadCalendar.jpg (62239 bytes)   2013_02_21_034--HumptyDumptyTogetherAgain.jpg (65724 bytes)

2013_02_21_023--Mrs.R.jpg (62498 bytes)   2013_02_21_026--HickoryDickoryDock.jpg (65526 bytes)

2013_02_21_043--TheOneAndOnlyIvan.jpg (65237 bytes)  
Gorilla enjoys Newbery Award winning book ...

2013_02_21_022--LookingForPictureBooks.jpg (31925 bytes)   2013_02_21_041--CartOfOutreachBooks.jpg (65847 bytes)

2013_02_21_039--NancyAtFrenchDoors.jpg (65077 bytes)   2013_02_21_042--LibraryCard.jpg (65458 bytes)

2013_02_21_046--TaleForThreeCounties2013Book.jpg (65740 bytes)  2013_02_21_049--Tale2013BooksForSale.jpg (65574 bytes)
A Tale for Three Counties 2013 book:
May the Road Rise Up to Meet You
, a novel by Peter Troy

2013_02_21_057--GirlAtCheckOut.jpg (65421 bytes)  2013_02_21_012--ReadingNewspaper.jpg (64903 bytes)

2013_02_21_059--ChoosingDVDs.jpg (65645 bytes) 

2013_02_21_060--SnapShotDay2013Poster.jpg (66529 bytes)      2013_02_21_031--At CirculationDesk.jpg (65791 bytes)  2013_02_21_033--TimeToGo.jpg (63876 bytes)

2013_02_21_032--ViewFromFrontDoor.jpg (66034 bytes)    2013_02_21_051--BikeOnRack.jpg (65755 bytes)

2013_02_21_044--PickingUpHolds.jpg (66369 bytes)     2013_02_21_062--UsingPublicComputers.jpg (65838 bytes)

2013_02_21_035--UsingPublicComputers--another-view.jpg (66468 bytes)   2013_02_21_011--NewComputerTable.jpg (64298 bytes)

2013_02_21_050--BookPage.jpg (64253 bytes)     2013_02_21_054--WeSupportRAP.jpg (66366 bytes)   

2013_02_21_080--StudentStudying.jpg (60732 bytes)        2013_02_21_076--CheckOutStackOfBooks.jpg (65017 bytes)

2013_02_21_058--DownloadingAudiobook.jpg (65464 bytes)
Downloading an audiobook
from owwl2go 
owwl-headphones.jpg (1880 bytes)

2013_02_21_079--CheckOutAudiobook.jpg (64872 bytes)
Checking out an audiobook

2013_02_21_068--LibraryFrontAt6PM.jpg (66469 bytes)
The library at 6:00 PM ...

Special activities that day were:
• 11:30 AM  Preschool Story Hour
•  5:00 to 7:00 PM  Drop-in time to explore your eReader
and exchange information with other eReader users
(All experience levels were welcome--beginners to long-time users!)

For more details about SnapShot NY, go to
Perry Public Library's photos, as well as those of other libraries, have been posted to SnapShot NY 2013 website.
Click here to see them.

For photos of SnapShotNY days in previous years (2010, 2011, 2012),
click on the relevant February dates from the library's Archive page.


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