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Tale for Three Counties Announcement Party
Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tale for Three Counties Special Announcement Party
at FOUR simultaneous locations

Tuesday, November 13, 2012, 12:30 PM
Below are photos from the event at Perry Public Library.

TaleLogo.jpg (7439 bytes)

PeterTroy.bmp (101754 bytes)  MayTheRoadRiseUpToMeetYou.JPG (21988 bytes)
Peter Troy, author of
May the Road Rise Up to Meet You,
the 2013 Tale for Three Counties
selected book
We will welcome author Peter Troy
to our area March 7-9, 2013.

2012_11_13_019--Tale2013Poster.jpg (36584 bytes)

2012_11_13_001--IrishSodaBread.jpg (65404 bytes)

2012_11_13_002--Embroidery.jpg (65651 bytes)
Preparing refreshments and decorations
for the Tale announcement party ...

2012_11_13_003--IrishPotatoes[candy].jpg (66208 bytes)  2012_11_13 _007--Lincoln.jpg (65785 bytes)

     2012_11_13_007--BookIsUnveiled.jpg (62167 bytes)
After brief remarks by Library Director Peggy Parker, the poster is unveiled to announce the Tale 2013 selected book and author.

2012_11_13_008--FiveLibraryDirectors.jpg (63889 bytes)
The event is hosted by Wyoming County library directors.
From left are Peggy Parker, Perry Public Library; Lisa Gricius, Warsaw Public Library;
Sue Reding, Arcade Free Library; Nancy Burns, Stevens Memorial Community Library in Attica;

and Linda Lavery, Eagle Free Library in Bliss.

  2012_11_13_006--IrishBreakfastTea.jpg (63141 bytes)  2012_11_13_005--Raffle.jpg (65445 bytes) 
Irish soda bread and breakfast tea (left) and a drawing for a free book (right and below left)
all add to the occasion.

2012_11_13_009--MaryCarlsonWinsTale2013Book.jpg (65492 bytes) 
Mary Carlson wins free copy of Tale 2013 book

2012_11_13_013-_WarsawDirectorAddsIrishBlessingToDisplay.jpg (66342 bytes)
A "May the Road Rise Up to Meet You ..." framed embroidery can be displayed now that  the book has been announced!

2012_11_13_012--DiscussingBooks.jpg (65338 bytes)  2012_11_13_018--Bliss&SilverSpringsReps.jpg (65272 bytes)
There is time to chat about books and enjoy refreshments.

2012_11_13_016--ButteringTheSodaBread.jpg (66160 bytes)  2012_11_13_011--LillianPresentsBookFairCheckFor2012.jpg (64022 bytes)
Local bookstores will once again support Tale with a Book Fair in February of 2013.

2012_11_13_017--Sandy&BevTalk.jpg (65555 bytes)

2012_11_13_014--ChattingAboutTale.jpg (63939 bytes)    2012_11_13_004--BeforeProgram.jpg (65959 bytes)

The invitation looked like this:
Tale2013AnnouncementPartyInvitation2012-11-13.JPG (34232 bytes)

Tale2013AnnouncementPartyInvitation2012-11-13--BACK--ShowsSponsor.JPG (38645 bytes)
Perry's event was hosted by public library directors in Wyoming county.

Need more information about the Announcement Event in Perry?
Call the library at 585-237-2243


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