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Thank you to all that helped with the
Annual Library Book Sale.
34 terrific volunteers* worked
65 different shifts!
We made $1,030 on the one day sale.

Scroll down for photos ...

July 27, 2012
9 AM to 8 PM

Front lawn of library

Bag Sale 7 to 8 PM
Fill a Bag for $3.00
or a Box for $5.00

serpent_with_books_on_head.jpg (9352 bytes)

Just part of the preparation for the Book Sale is shown
in the first few photos below.
(Thursday night and early Friday morning)

2012_07_26_009--ThursdayHelp.jpg (65743 bytes)  2012_07_26_053--ThursdayTentSet-UP.jpg (66044 bytes)

2012_07_27_001--Set-up.jpg (65143 bytes)   2012_07_27_002--Arrange.jpg (66321 bytes)

2012_07_27_003--ArrangePBs.jpg (65157 bytes)  2012_07_27_004--ArrangeChildrens.jpg (63549 bytes)

And then the Book Sale begins ...

2012_07_27_007--BookSaleBegins.jpg (63896 bytes)  2012_07_27_008--FictionTable.jpg (65818 bytes)

2012_07_27_009--BookSaleChairsFelisaAndLaura.jpg (66385 bytes)
Book Sale chairs Felisa McKay and Laura Eberstein

2012_07_27_013--CrowdNearChildrensTable.jpg (65544 bytes)   2012_07_27_016-_ViewFromRamp.jpg (66208 bytes)

2012_07_27_014--WideViewOfSignsAndTents.jpg (66025 bytes)

  2012_07_27_019--ViewFromAcrossStreet.jpg (65483 bytes)

2012_07_27_020--EliReads.jpg (65352 bytes)   2012_07_27_021--FamilyChoosesBooks.jpg (65867 bytes)

2012_07_27_018--Marissa-Sarah-Working.jpg (63966 bytes)   2012_07_27_022--Barb-Laura-Vera.jpg (65035 bytes)

2012_07_27_025--ShakeOnTheLakeTicketDrawing.jpg (61096 bytes)  2012_07_27_026--DrawingName.jpg (65363 bytes)  2012_07_27_027--ReadingNameOfWinner.jpg (63398 bytes)
Drawing for free Shake on the Lake tickets ...

2012_07_27_029--PrizeTickets.jpg (65291 bytes)

2012_07_27_030--HenryAndAnn.jpg (65196 bytes)  2012_07_27_031--DownToOneTableOfChildrensBooks.jpg (64370 bytes)

2012_07_27_032--Around5.30PM.jpg (65618 bytes)
Around 5:30 PM ...

2012_07_27_033--BagSale.jpg (65467 bytes)
Bag Sale time ... 7:00 to 8:00 PM

2012_07_27_035--TablesNearlyDepleted.jpg (64983 bytes)
Tables nearly depleted as Book Sale comes to a close ...

2012_07_28_001--OneTruckLoadToGoodwill.jpg (64056 bytes)
Leftover books taken to Goodwill the next morning

2012_07_28_002--Goodwill.jpg (52583 bytes)

2012_07_28_003--DonationCenterDoor.jpg (65141 bytes)

The Annual Book Sale is sponsored by Friends of Perry Public Library.
Thank you in particular to Book Sale Co-chairs Felisa McKay  and Laura Eberstein for hours and hours of sorting books prior to the sale.  Barb Glenn also lent a hand with that, and Ann Buringham priced the collectibles.

*Work shifts included Thursday night book and table carrying and tent set-up, Friday morning book carrying and arranging, working at the pay table, clean-up, and delivering remainders to Goodwill.
The following volunteers worked one or several shifts in order
to make our book sale a success:

Felisa McKay, Laura Eberstein,  Barb Glenn, John Glenn, Rich Eberstein, Neal Eberstein, Brandon Allers, Kinley Allers, Eric Parker, Peggy Parker, Merle Webster, Sharon Webster, Patty Smith, Eleanor Jacobs, Robin Redding, Michael Duchnick, Sarah Hare, Marissa Hare, Ruth Parker, Ruth Gibson, Vera Parmiter, Monica Herman, Laurie Hartley, Margo Hartley, Kristin Cox, Meghan Cox, Greg Cox, Wes Cox, Becky Nauert, Eliza Cox, Haley Parker, Erin Parker, Ann Burlingham, Henry Parker-Burlingham.

Felisa McKay, Laura Eberstein, and Barb Glenn spent the entire book sale day making sure everything was kept in good shape and that all shifts
were covered at the table. 


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