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Perry Public Library Booth at Perry Chalk Art Festival
Saturday, July 14, 2012

2012_07_14_002--table.jpg (65657 bytes)   2012_07_14_004--ChalkArtFestivalSign.jpg (62406 bytes)

2012_07_14_013--PigeonBookAndBag.jpg (62846 bytes)    2012_07_14_101--PigeonChartAndGirl.jpg (63035 bytes)
Let's Draw the Pigeon ...
Plus put your name in the bag for chance to win the book shown above:
Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus, by Mo Willems.
*NOTE:  Scroll down for photo of winner of the book.

2012_07_14_020--GirlsDrawingPigeon.jpg (65711 bytes)    2012_07_14_021--Girl#1.jpg (63063 bytes)  2012_07_14_022--Girl#2.jpg (61892 bytes)

2012_07_14_023--SunglassesGirlDraws.jpg (64655 bytes)     2012_07_14_025--SunglassesGirl.jpg (64226 bytes)

2012_07_14_032--KidsDraw.jpg (63577 bytes)   2012_07_14_029--PinkHatDraws.jpg (65197 bytes)  2012_07_14_065--YoungBoy.jpg (63229 bytes)

  2012_07_14_042--TwoFriendsAndJanet.jpg (63531 bytes)  2012_07_14_043--Friends-Grandma-Mom.jpg (65859 bytes)

2012_07_14_044--KatieDrawsPigeon.jpg (61143 bytes)  2012_07_14_047--family.jpg (64787 bytes)
*Winner of the book is pictured in photo above right (in pink dress).

2012_07_14_052--Boy.jpg (61471 bytes)  2012_07_14_053--SecondBoy.jpg (64880 bytes)  2012_07_14_056--GirlAnd2ndBoyShowDrawings.jpg (66360 bytes)

2012_07_14_060--BalloonOnHead+Others.jpg (65419 bytes)   2012_07_14_063--ShowDrawing.jpg (62979 bytes)  2012_07_14_064--OthersShowDrawings.jpg (62969 bytes)

2012_07_14_078--CousinsDraw.jpg (65660 bytes)   2012_07_14_081--OneCousinWIthDrawing.jpg (64679 bytes)

2012_07_14_096--SistersAndCousin.jpg (66480 bytes)  2012_07_14_098--ShowsDrawing.jpg (62042 bytes)

2012_07_14_104--BraidFromBack.jpg (62955 bytes)  2012_07_14_106--BraidFromFront.jpg (64837 bytes)

2012_07_14_107--Table-Instructions-Drawing.jpg (64205 bytes)   2012_07_14_114--TinyGirlShowsDrawing.jpg (62314 bytes)

2012_07_14_001--JanetAndSign.jpg (64652 bytes)    2012_07_14_117--TessAndPeggy.jpg (62776 bytes)    2012_07_14_034--ChalkArtist--at10.50AM.jpg (65281 bytes)
From the Library Staff and Friends of Perry Public Library:
Thank you to all the families who visited our booth and drew a pigeon.
We had lots of fun and a good view of the chalk artists as well!

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