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A Tale for Three Counties 2012  in Perry

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Author Visit

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The Call, a novel by Yannick Murphy
This is the Tale for Three Counties selected book for 2012.

The author visit in Wyoming County was held on
Saturday, March 24, 2012, 11:00 AM
at Perry Elementary/Middle School Auditorium,
50 Olin Avenue, Perry, NY
Hosted by Perry Public Library and the other public libraries in Wyoming County.
We had a wonderful group of 64 attendees.
Author Yannick Murphy gave a terrific talk, answered
questions, and signed many books!

2012_03_24_003--CrowdGathers--from back.jpg (62308 bytes)
The audience gathers...

2012_03_24_005--SandyAndMaggie.jpg (17453 bytes)  2012_03_24_006--NancyGreets.jpg (63475 bytes)
... and attendees are greeted by Tale Committee members

2012_03_24_009--CrowdGathers.jpg (65710 bytes)
Waiting for the program to begin

2012_03_24_020--YannickAndFrontRow.jpg (66487 bytes)  thecall200.jpg (20106 bytes)

2012_03_24_024--YannickAndFamily--slideshow-photo.jpg (65489 bytes)

2012_03_24_028--BookSigning.jpg (65045 bytes)   2012_03_24_029--BenInterviewsAttendees.jpg (64478 bytes)

2012_03_24_030--LineUpOnStairs.jpg (66166 bytes)

2012_03_24_031--BookSaleTable.jpg (66358 bytes)   2012_03_24_008--SusieSellsBooks.jpg (64686 bytes)

2012_03_24_034--YannickAndJacquie.jpg (66551 bytes)

2012_03_24_035--MoreBookSigning.jpg (66073 bytes)  2012_03_24_039--BenInterviewsLinda.jpg (64123 bytes)

2012_03_24_037--YannickAndWyomingCoLibraryDirectors.jpg (65514 bytes)
Library directors from Wyoming County stand behind author Yannick Murphy.
In back from left:  Peggy Parker, Perry Public Library; Cheryl Northup, Wyoming Free

Library; Nancy Burns, Stevens Memorial Community Library in Attica.

2012_03_24_038--YannickHandsBackBook.jpg (65589 bytes)

2012_03_24_041--YannickAndAttendeesSmile.jpg (65562 bytes)

2012_03_24_032--MaryAndCheryl.jpg (65622 bytes)  2012_03_24_047--MoreTaleBooksToSign.jpg (65320 bytes)

2012_03_24_043--YannickSignsPoster.jpg (65608 bytes)  2012_03_24_044--YannickSignsBook.jpg (66440 bytes)

2012_03_24_046--Yannick'sFinalInterviewWithBen.jpg (63746 bytes)
Ben Beagle of The Daily News (Batavia, NY) does a final interview with author Yannick
Murphy as A Tale for Three Counties 2012 draws to a close.

2012_03_24_048--YannickAndHerSisterMichele.jpg (64872 bytes)
Author Yannick Murphy and her sister, Michele

2012_03_24_049--LeavingPerryElem-MiddleSchool.jpg (66250 bytes)

  Thank you to author Yannick Murphy and all who helped to make
A Tale for Three Counties 2012 such a success!
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This program is made possible by the NYS Council on the Arts with the support of
Governor Andrew Cuomo and the NYS Legislature.

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2012_02_28_002--BookDiscussionGroupDiscussesTheCall.jpg (66393 bytes)
Perry Public Library's Book Discussion Group discusses The Call,
by Yannick Murphy, on Tuesday, February 28, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.


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