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GodBrothers of Steel mini-concert

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kicked off the
"Make Art Part of Your Day"

2011 mini seasonal concert series
with the

GodBrothers of Steel

Monday, November 28, 2011
7:00 PM

Perry Public Library
The mini-concert was held
in front of the fireplace on the main floor.
Enjoyable concert!  See photos below.

2011_11_28_008--Matt-Jon-James.jpg (66000 bytes)
Matt McClure, Jon Canning, James Canning

2011_11_28_009--Matt-Jon-James-Ted.jpg (63872 bytes)
Matt McClure; Jon, James, Ted Canning

2011_11_28_016--Matt.jpg (64284 bytes)    2011_11_28_011--Jon-JamesCanning--AtAngle.jpg (65789 bytes) 

James Canning, Jon Canning and Matt McClure comprise the
GodBrothers of Steel, a new acoustic trio that features Trinidadian steel drums.

The Bros have grown up surrounded by music from diverse cultures and are all members of the Steel Alchemy Community Steel Band.  As high school students, Jon, James and Matt also sing in choir and show choir, play in band and jazz band, have had lead roles in their annual musicals and plays, and participate in various sports and extracurricular activities.  Their music includes Caribbean dance tunes, pop, sacred music and a seasonal number or two. 

2011_11_28_013--ViewFromAudience.jpg (66058 bytes)

    2011_11_28_014--AudienceFromSide.jpg (62607 bytes)   2011_11_28_023--JackieTalksToAudience.jpg (65705 bytes)

2011_11_28_06--Bev-Sally-withFlyers.jpg (65957 bytes)  2011_11_28_019--EnjoyingMusicFromMagazineArea.jpg (65971 bytes)

2011_11_28_020--JackieANDMusicians.jpg (64912 bytes)  2011_11_28_003--poster.jpg (66086 bytes)
ACWC Executive Director Jackie Hoyt talks about the mini seasonal concert series, which is made possible by Rocket Commercial Real Estate and Arts Council for Wyoming County.

2011_11_28_025--Sarah-Ted-Max.jpg (66125 bytes)  2011_11_28_026--James-Eric.jpg (65190 bytes)

Thank you to GodBrothers of Steel and sponsors Rocket Commercial Real Estate
and Arts Council for Wyoming County for a wonderful concert!

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