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Book Sale
Friday, July 29, 201
9 AM to 8 PM

Sponsored by Friends of Perry Public Library

   2011_07_29_006--InsideBecauseOfRain.jpg (65775 bytes)  2011_07_29_007--EmptyTentInRain.jpg (62432 bytes)   rain.JPG (8724 bytes)  serpent_with_books_on_head.jpg (9352 bytes)
It was raining at set-up time, so we held our annual book sale INSIDE this year.

We made $1,086.20 on the book sale.  That's great for a rainy day!

2011_07_29_002--HardcoverNonFiction.jpg (65864 bytes)   2011_07_29_004--Children'sAndYA.jpg (66030 bytes)

  2011_07_29_013--SkeetyAtDesk.jpg (66427 bytes)  2011_07_29_009--PBFiction.jpg (65880 bytes)

2011_07_29_014--MoreChildren'sAndYA.jpg (66018 bytes)  2011_07_29_017--Children'sPlusGallery.jpg (66413 bytes)

2011_07_29_021--ReadWhileYouWait.jpg (65324 bytes)   2011_07_29_020--Here'sAnInterestingBook.jpg (60701 bytes)   2011_07_29_022--ItOpens.jpg (65143 bytes)

2011_07_29_023-_ThankYouToAnn.jpg (65690 bytes)
Thank you to Ann Burlingham for her raffle
and for her discounts to
members of Friends of Perry Public Library!

2011_07_29_023--CloseUpOfRaffleSign.jpg (65848 bytes)

UPDATE: The Friends of Perry Public Library received an additional $146
from this special raffle that began on book sale day.

Thank you once again to Ann Burlingham and Burlingham Books!

2011_07_29_024--PatCountsBooks.jpg (65379 bytes)  2011_07_29_025--TheCrowdHasLessened.jpg (65237 bytes)

2011_07_29_028--TwoRuthsOnDuty.jpg (65302 bytes)   2011_07_29_029--RuthCountsBooks.jpg (64590 bytes)

Below are photos of preparation the night before ...

2011_07_28_001--BookSaleBoxes.jpg (65706 bytes)  2011_07_28_003--CarryingBoxesUpstairs.jpg (66378 bytes)   2011_07_28_004--MoreCarryingBoxes.jpg (60492 bytes)

2011_07_28_002--BookSaleHelpFromAfar.jpg (62702 bytes)   2011_07_28_011--PuttingUpTent.jpg (64917 bytes)

2011_07_28_008--FasteningTent.jpg (65154 bytes)   2011_07_28_012--TwoTentsInPlace.jpg (66493 bytes)

The Book Sale starts to wind down before the 7-8:00 PM bag sale.

2011_07_29_030--BookSaleAt444PM.jpg (65883 bytes) ... at 4:44 PM

BookSale ThankYou graphic.JPG (10450 bytes)

THANK YOU to the 48 volunteers
who helped with our sale.
You may not all be pictured here,
but we certainly appreciated your work!

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