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Perry Public Library at the Perry Chalk Art Festival
Saturday, July 9, 2011

2011_07_09_037--SeaSerpentReadsBook.jpg (65992 bytes)  
The Sea Serpent reads a book ...

2011_07_09_010--BoothTable--vertical.jpg (66200 bytes)  

The weather was beautiful, and we had lots of visitors at
our booth.
We also had a wonderful view of the chalk artists creating their works of art.

2011_07_09_014--PeggyBehindTable.jpg (66046 bytes)

2011_07_09_012--SummerReadingBagView.jpg (65672 bytes)       2011_07_09_028--Girl-PinkShirt.jpg (66222 bytes)

        2011_07_09_009--Girlbooth.jpg (63252 bytes)  2011_07_09_011--GirlShowsDrawing.jpg (64195 bytes)

2011_07_09_017--CloseUpOfGirlAtDrawingTable.jpg (57385 bytes)    2011_07_09_016--SideViewOfDrawingTable.jpg (62138 bytes)

2011_07_09_035--2KidsAtTable.jpg (26229 bytes)    2011_07_09_047--Woman&Child--CardsInBreeze.jpg (64740 bytes)

      2011_07_09_032--4KidsAtTable.jpg (66213 bytes)

2011_07_09_034--DrawingChinchilla.jpg (64818 bytes)     2011_07_09_033--KidsAndBalloonOnRight.jpg (65177 bytes)

2011_07_09_021--ChalkArtistsDrawing.jpg (65369 bytes)  2011_07_09_067--ChalkArtAsFestivalEnds.jpg (65880 bytes)

2011_07_09_024--ViewOfCrowd--BoothAtBackLeft.jpg (65403 bytes)  2011_07_09_062--Mayor-Senator-Supervisor-Speak.jpg (65136 bytes)

2011_07_09E_--ChalkArtFestivalSign.jpg (62820 bytes)               2011_07_09E--RibbonCutting.jpg (59925 bytes)

Perry Chalk Art Festival [Click link at left for the festival website.]

2011_07_09_049--MainTable.jpg (65437 bytes)     2011_07_09_048--ChalkArtSchedule.jpg (65403 bytes) 

       2011_07_09_065--Winner.jpg (66473 bytes)   

Cards on Display Back at the Perry Public Library:

2011_07_11_001--CardDisplayOnDoor.jpg (66411 bytes)

2011_07_11_002--CloseUpOfCards.jpg (65750 bytes)

2011_07_11_003--CloseUp#2OfCards.jpg (65903 bytes)
Thank you to all who stopped at our booth
and drew pictures on our
"Your Story Starts Here" cards.
Don't forget to visit the library often!

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