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Tale for Three Counties Events

Scroll down to
see photos of
the 2011

a novel by Hillary Jordan

This is the selected title and author for
A Tale for Three Counties 2011

Mudbound--pbCover.JPG (6678 bytes)

2011_03_12_006-HillaryJordanSpeaks.jpg (6695 bytes)
Hillary Jordan
in Perry

80 people attended our

Hillary Jordan

Tale for Three Counties
author of Mudbound
Saturday, March 12, 2011, 2:00 PM
Perry Elementary/Middle
School Auditorium

Hosted by Perry Public Library and the 8 other public libraries in Wyoming County

TaleLogo.jpg (7439 bytes)

HillaryJordan.jpg (2513 bytes)   Mudbound--pbCover.JPG (6678 bytes)

2011_03_12_001-AudienceGathers.jpg (25620 bytes)

2011_03_12_004-AudienceGathers[FromBack].jpg (31900 bytes)

2011_03_12_008-SellingBooks.jpg (33137 bytes)  2011_03_12_011--BookSigningStarts.jpg (29445 bytes)
2011_03_12_015-BookSigningContinues.jpg (43956 bytes)   2011_03_12_018-AttendeeAndHillaryConverse.jpg (27843 bytes)

2011_03_12_023-Jackie-Ann-Sandy.jpg (38330 bytes)     2011_03_12_027-HillarySignsBookstoreCopies.jpg (26372 bytes)

   2011_03_12_019-BenInterviewsAttendees.jpg (18105 bytes)   2011_03_12_020-YoungestAttendee.jpg (14933 bytes)   2011_03_12_024--DailyNewsOnTable.jpg (20148 bytes)
2011_03_12_026-WyomingDirectorsWithHillary.jpg (20510 bytes)
Nancy Burns, Director of Stevens Memorial Community Library in Attica; Mudbound author Hillary Jordan
Peggy Parker, Director of Perry Public Library; Linda Lavery, Director of Eagle Free Library in Bliss.
2011_03_12_028-Ben'sFinalInterviewWithHillary.jpg (32103 bytes)
Ben Beagle of The Daily News interviews author Hillary Jordan after the Tale program in Perry.
2011_03_12_033-FinalDinner.jpg (46130 bytes)    2011_03_12_035-EndOfTaleVisit.jpg (33885 bytes)
The Tale Committee enjoys final dinner with author Hillary Jordan.

14 attended our Book Discussion on February 22, 2011:

2011_02_22 005--BookDiscussionGroup--MUDBOUND.jpg (45641 bytes)
The Book Discussion members at Perry picture themselves with Mudbound on 2-22-2011.

See more of "Picture Yourself with Mudbound" below.


Here's one
from Florida!

PictureWithMudbound--EleanorJacobs--PeggyLamb--Florida--resized.jpg (51227 bytes)

TaleLogo--green--2011.jpg (8988 bytes)

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photo to the
Tale Facebook page.

Read the Tale Blog,



2011_03_01_019--Sandy&PeggyWithMudboundIn Albany.jpg (32868 bytes) Sandy Kushner and Peggy Parker with Mudbound at
Library Advocacy Day
in Albany
on March 1, 2011


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