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Another successful Book Sale ...
We made $1232.45!
Scroll down to see photos.

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Thank you for supporting the Book Sale!
We had terrific, nearly perfect, weather.

Thank you to Book Sale Co-Chairs
Laura Eberstein and Felisa McKay;
to Barb Glenn, President, Friends of Perry Public Library;
and to all the volunteers who sorted books, priced books, carried books and tables, set up tents, worked at the book sale table, and /or cleaned up!

Here’s the complete list of volunteers:

Felisa McKay, Laura Eberstein, Barb Glenn, John Glenn,
Peggy Parker, Patty Smith, Merle Webster, Stan McKay,
Ron Chasey, Kevin Chasey, Ginny Chasey,
Sandra Bojanowski, Mark Eberstein, Elise Eberstein,
Eric Bryant, Mary McKay, Neal Eberstein, Rich Eberstein,
Ann Burlingham, Eric Parker,
Rachel Parker,
Lily Parker, Lucas Parker, Eleanor Jacobs,
“Skeety” Erven, Judy Bryant, Pat Mazzarella,
Bev Pedlow, Sally Hughes, Ruth Gibson, Ruth Parker,
Eric Briggs, Rose McEwen, Lilia Briggs, Bridgette Cross.

Many people took more than one shift or came both days.
That means these 35 volunteers filled 51 shifts altogether.

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