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Author Garth Stein appears in Perry, NY, for
the eighth year of A Tale for Three Counties!
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A Tale for Three Counties Author Visit
Saturday, March 13, 2010, 2:00 PM
Hosted by Perry Public Library and the other public libraries in Wyoming County
at Perry Elementary/Middle School Auditorium

2010_03_13_003GarthBeforeTalk.jpg (17756 bytes)
Thank you to
Garth Stein,
author of

The Art of Racing in the Rain

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2010_03_13_002LorraineJackie.jpg (10852 bytes)    2010_03_13_001Audience.jpg (29866 bytes)
We had an audience of 103 at our 2010 Tale for Three Counties
presentation by author Garth Stein in Perry!

2010_03_13_007CrowdWaitsWithBooks.jpg (37156 bytes)        2010_03_13_008Line-upForBookSigning.jpg (41689 bytes)

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2010_03_13_006SignsBook.jpg (28176 bytes)    2010_03_13_010aLorraineTalksToAttendees.jpg (24075 bytes)     2010_03_13_022WaitingInLine.jpg (26540 bytes)

 2010_03_13_023AuthorSigns.jpg (21966 bytes)  2010_03_13_012BookSigning.jpg (31916 bytes)      2010_03_13_026ChattingWithGarth.jpg (36256 bytes)

2010_03_13_013WyomingCountyLibraryDirectors.jpg (22037 bytes)

2010_03_13_027Mary&Garth.jpg (35202 bytes)

2010_03_13_015Barb&SandyWithBook.jpg (49389 bytes)

2010_03_13_020SandySignsEmailBook.jpg (49023 bytes)

         2010_03_13_024TwoCouples.jpg (34903 bytes)     

2010_03_13_021Ann&JacquieTalk.jpg (43441 bytes)

2010_03_13_010bKavin.jpg (13346 bytes)    2010_03_13_011LeslieMary.jpg (30137 bytes)    2010_03_13_014Susie.jpg (33326 bytes)    2010_03_13_028Nancy.jpg (9632 bytes)

2010_03_13_033RelaxingWithCommittee.jpg (27423 bytes)         2010_03_13_035iPhoneAppForBook.jpg (70302 bytes)         2010_03_13_030Ben'sFinalinterview.jpg (21754 bytes)  
Ben Beagle of The Daily News does a final interview with author Garth Stein.        

2010_02_23 004--cropped.jpg (863941 bytes)
Previously--Above is Perry Public Library's Book Discussion Group on
Tuesday, February 23, 2010, after discussing The Art of Racing in the Rain

Thank you to all our Tale for Three Counties sponsors.

Click here for information and updates about this three county "community reads" program.

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