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All Wyoming County Libraries Are Now On OWWL!

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Our event was hosted by:

Town of Gainesville Public Library (Silver Springs, NY)

Saturday, November 14, 2009
1 pm – 3 pm

2009_11_14_024BookerOutside.jpg (41808 bytes)   
Booker B. OWWL invites all to the celebration! 

  2009_11_14_014Ribbon&Kids.jpg (63194 bytes)      2009_11_14_031Attendees.jpg (37930 bytes)     

2009_11_14_037Cookies.jpg (98726 bytes)    2009_11_14_057Jennifer&Kim&group.jpg (38034 bytes)

2009_11_14_038RobinsonFamily.jpg (36702 bytes)  2009_11_14_048Directors.jpg (42556 bytes)  2009_11_14_068Jackie.jpg (64071 bytes)

2009_11_14_055Attendees.jpg (54236 bytes)

2009_11_14_067Chip.jpg (33242 bytes)   2009_11_14_035Chatting.jpg (46756 bytes)  2009_11_14_036_PikeAttendees.jpg (58386 bytes) 

2009_11_14_051LiveOwl.jpg (29495 bytes)

2009_11_14_025LiveOwl&Kids.jpg (40382 bytes) 2009_11_14_032LiveOwl.jpg (31770 bytes)

Above:  Beaver Meadow Audubon Center gives live owl demonstration

2009_11_14_057KidsWithOWWLCards.jpg (28944 bytes)  Your OWWL card ...    2009_11_14_016PLSDelivery.jpg (24551 bytes)    

  2009_11_14_059Booker&Mary.jpg (21768 bytes)         2009_11_14_053BookerBack.jpg (22088 bytes)   2009_11_14_054BookerFront.jpg (85517 bytes)      2009_11_14_010BookerFull.jpg (66855 bytes)

2009_11_14_061CutRibbon.jpg (47312 bytes)  
Ribbon Cutting

  2009_11_14_046Directors&Booker.jpg (65624 bytes)  
We were all there!
Above:  Library Directors from all nine public libraries in Wyoming County
FRONT ROW: Angel Gonzalez, Warsaw Public Library; Mary Mann, Town of Gainesville Public Library in Silver Springs; Sue Reding, Arcade Free Library; Doris Flint, Pike Library; Linda Lavery, Eagle Free Library in Bliss.
MIDDLE ROW: Cheryl Northup, Wyoming Free Library; Nancy Burns, Stevens Memorial Community Library in Attica; Peggy Parker, Perry Public Library.
BACK ROW: Erin Robinson, Cordelia A. Greene Library in Castile; Booker B. OWWL.

WyomingCountyLibraries--Map.JPG (10766 bytes)                Below:     Basket raffle items

2009_11_14_005BasketArcade.jpg (39603 bytes)

2009_11_14_026BasketAttica.jpg (40800 bytes)

2009_11_14_006BasketBliss.jpg (49706 bytes)

2009_11_14_008BasketCastile.jpg (30587 bytes)

2009_11_14_009BasketPerry.jpg (35364 bytes)

2009_11_14_029BasketPike.jpg (77410 bytes)

2009_11_14_007BasketSS.jpg (43182 bytes)

2009_11_14_020BasketWarsaw.jpg (51330 bytes)

2009_11_14_028BasketWyoming.jpg (90964 bytes)

2009_11_14_001Cake.jpg (49123 bytes)

2009_11_14_017Food.jpg (41388 bytes)

OWWL is the shared catalog/circulation system of the 42 libraries
in the 4-county Pioneer Library System

Go to to search the catalog.

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