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An Evening with Julia Spencer-Fleming
Friday, August 15, 2008, 6:30 p.m.

Good food, good company, and an entertaining talk by mystery author
Julia Spencer-Fleming!
This fundraising event held by
Tale for Three Counties

at Richmond Memorial Library in Batavia
was sold out!  95 people attended.

Tale3CountiesLogo.jpg (3366 bytes)

2008_08_15 011Leslie-Ben-Julia.jpg (28550 bytes)
Leslie DeLooze, Ben Beagle, Julia Spencer-Fleming

2008_08_15 015JuliaSpeaks.jpg (21678 bytes)

2008_08_15 Ben & Julia read [From Betty Rice].tif (358848 bytes)
Ben Beagle reads with Julia

2008_08_15_007BenJulia-dinner.jpg (11660 bytes)
Ben Beagle (of Batavia Daily News) & Julia enjoy pre-dinner chat with attendees

2008_08_15 013--Bev-Jim-Amy-Ann-Jackie.jpg (32457 bytes)
Bev Pedlow, Jim Korn, Ann Burlingham (back), Amy True (all of Perry, NY), &  Jackie Hoyt (Castile, NY)

2008_08_15 018Betty&Julia.jpg (58673 bytes)
Betty Rice (of Perry, NY) and Julia Spencer-Fleming

2008_08_15 021Peggy&Julia.jpg (39953 bytes)
Perry Public Library Director Peggy Parker and
Julia Spencer-Fleming

2008_08_15 030--IShallNotWant-cover.jpg (70162 bytes)
I Shall Not Want is the sixth book in Julia's popular
Clare Fergusson/Russ VanAltsyne series of mysteries, which are best if read in order.
To find I Shall Not Want in the Pioneer Library system OWWL catalog, click here.

2008_08_15 028--ThankYou.jpg (114274 bytes)
Julia thanks many in her book, including
Perry Public Library (bottom line above).

2008_08_15 032Jackie&Julia.jpg (18741 bytes) 
Cordelia A. Greene Library Director Jackie Hoyt (Castile, NY) and Julia Spencer-Fleming

2008_08_15 005JuliaSignsBooksAtStart.jpg (41767 bytes)
Julia signs books before the dinner and talk ...

2008_08_15_023--JuliaSignsBook.jpg (32072 bytes)
Julia chats with Town of Gainesville Public Library Director Mary Mann (center) & Linda Morris
(of Wyoming, NY).

2008_08_15 022--BookSigning.jpg (52577 bytes)
... and signs more books after the talk.

2008_08_15 003--GroupAtTable.jpg (43872 bytes)
One of the many tables at the dinner

2008_08_15 012Eleanor-Dave-Ruth.jpg (45549 bytes)
Eleanor Jacobs, Dave Shearing, Ruth Gibson (all of Perry, NY) enjoy the evening.

2008_08_15 Amy & Julia [from Betty].tif (846742 bytes)
Perry Public Library Clerk Amy True and
Julia Spencer-Fleming

2008_08_15 Ann & Julia [from Betty].tif (935730 bytes)
Ann Burlingham (of Burlingham Books, Perry, NY)
and Julia Spencer-Fleming

Thank you for supporting Tale for Three Counties.


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