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Our 2008 Tale for Three Counties author visit drew 70 people!

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Thank you to our Tale sponsors

Tale for Three Counties
Thomas Mullen

Saturday, March 15, 2008
2:00 PM
Perry Elementary/Middle
School Auditorium.

Thomas Mullen signs books.jpg (17253 bytes)

Thomas Mullen
Author of
The Last Town on Earth,
the 2008

Tale for Three Counties
selected book

People gather for Tale author visit.jpg (63588 bytes)
The audience gathers for this year's Tale program.

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Mullen signs books.jpg (67513 bytes)

Author Mullen chats with participants.jpg (128832 bytes)

Library Directors--public libraries in Wyoming County.jpg (87256 bytes)

Hosted by the public libraries
in Wyoming County

From left:  Linda Lavery, Eagle Free Library, Bliss; Jackie Hoyt, Cordelia A. Greene Library, Castile; Mary Mann, Gainesville Public Library, Silver Springs; Nancy Burns, Stevens Memorial Community Library, Attica; Peggy Parker, Perry Public Library

Line up on stage.jpg (70328 bytes)

Linda and Sandy from Eagle Free Library.jpg (45962 bytes)

One final interview.jpg (33589 bytes)
Ben Beagle (above right) of The Daily News (Batavia, NY) does one last interview with author Thomas Mullen

Waiting for books to be signed.jpg (55375 bytes)

Jackie Hoyt and Thomas Mullen.jpg (42344 bytes)

     Many gather to hear author Thomas Mullen.jpg (86650 bytes)          Author prepares to leave.jpg (38819 bytes)

Tale books for sale.jpg (54023 bytes)

Prior to the author visit ...    See photo below of February's Book Discussion Group:

wpe47.jpg (21612 bytes)

We had a lively discussion of
The Last Town on Earth,
this year's Tale selection.

Photo taken February 26, 2008

You may borrow a copy of the 2008 Tale selected book,
The Last Town on Earth, a novel by Thomas Mullen, from the library.
Click here for all Tale for Three Counties information.

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